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75 minutes
Starts 3:00 pm
(US Eastern Time)


A documentary recounting the life of a man growing up during the hippie movement in Rhodesia, whose life after death experience from being shot in the head during the racially energized bush war left him with unanswered questions.

Set in the 1970’s the film starts in the midst of a chase through the Rhodesian bush where the Rhodesian Light Infantry is in pursuit of a small group of Zimbabwean Freedom Fighters. We see a freedom fighter take aim and fire a round straight into Basil's head. As Basil lays on the ground we hear a few parting thoughts as he slips away to death and we fade to black. We begin to hear the story of Basil's life unfold told through interviews with Basil himself and others that played a role in his life as we witness specific scenes being re-dramatized on-screen.

Q&A with Producer/Director Scott Reed
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